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Allergy diagnostics

The field of allergic diseases is a main discipline at our Institute. All forms of allergic intolerance are examined here. Due to our close collaboration with Phadia AB (Sweden) and Euroimmun (Lübeck/Germany), the quality level of our type 1 allergy diagnoses is at the highest. Specific IgE antibodies are detected on more than 800 allergens at our laboratory.

The spectrum of methods in allergy laboratory diagnostics has been expanded during the last few years in close cooperation with university institutes through innovative processes. This allows for allergy-based or pseudo-allergic reactions to medications or chemical substances to be clarified by using the basophilic activation test. The lymphocyte transformation test (LTT) is available for a validated and accredited analytical process to prove type IV sensitisations to various contact allergens.

All the relevant markers for the diagnosis of allergies, for example tryptase, diamine oxidase or histamine, are promptly determined in our own laboratory.

For further information, please go to www.inflammatio.de on our immunology website.