Haematology and haemostaseology

Haematology deals with the formation of blood as well as the reactive and malignant changes in blood and the blood-producing organs. Diagnosing anaemia including haemoglobinopathy and thalassaemia is an area where IMD has established special expertise for a long time. The diagnosis lies in the hands of a team of experienced laboratory physicians and scientists who assess blood count parameters, the capillary electrophoresis of haemoglobin and human genetic analysis.

Our experts state the findings in connection with the anamnesis data and discuss the results with the relevant physician. Haemostaseology may be defined as the science of controlling blood and “transfusion” blood transfer. Bleeding often results from hereditary diseases, such as haemophilia.

The same applies for occlusive vascular conditions where the cause is, for example, hereditary thrombophilic disorders. IMD has a team of clinically experienced laboratory physicians ready to assist colleagues in determining the cause of bleeding.