Hygiene is defined as the study of how to prevent disease and how to maintain and strengthen health.
It is divided into various areas such as environmental hygiene, hospital hygiene, personal hygiene and epidemiology.

Our main focus is on the following disciplines:

  • Consult regarding hygiene-relevant issues
  • Provide statistical data on pathogens and resistances
  • Registration of nosocomial infections and resistances according to Section 23 of the German Infectious Diseases Protection Law
  • Hygienic microbiological environmental investigations Swab and contact culture tests on surfaces
  • Hygienic testing of sterilisation equipment using environmental indicators
  • Flushing method to inspect endoscopes
  • Hygienic inspection regarding the disinfectant level of bed-pan and toilet bowl cleaning and flushing equipment
  • Hygiene training for practice staff

Our consulting services are oriented to the current national guidelines as set forth by the Robert Koch Institute, the national and international expert associations and the legal framework.