Clinical immunology is comprised of immunodeficiency and inflammation diagnostics including immunogenetics These laboratory disciplines, which attracted hardly any interest 10 years ago, are becoming increasingly important since chronic inflammatory diseases are becoming increasingly significant.

The main areas of analysis in clinical immunology are:

Allergy diagnostics

Autoimmune diagnostics

Inflammation diagnostics

Immunodeficiency diagnostics

Food intolerances

Environmental dental medicine

Laboratory diagnostics in line with clinical immunology are comprised of:

  • Serology and the analysis of proteins, cytokines and chemokines
  • Cell cultures and cell function analysis for all cell population
  • Cytofluorometry
  • DNA sequencing, PCR, DNA melting temperature analysis, DNA hybridisation and PCR-SSP

Besides diagnostics, we are also specialised in the development and implementation of innovative detection methods in biomarkers for clinical studies and in medical research.

Further Information

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