Transfusion medicine and immunohematology

Transfusion medicine is an independent discipline and is divided into three areas: immunohematology, immunogenetics and haemotherapy. Advances in these areas of transfusion medicine have led to new treatment methods in many disciplines and have as such contributed essentially to the advanced medicine of today.

At our laboratory, we can perform most immunohaematological tests. Besides ABO blood grouping plus Rhesus factor, Rhesus subgroups and Kell antigen detection, we differentiate alloantibodies and auto antibodies.

Alloantibodies are also titrated. We furthermore identify further red blood cell antigens and perform cross-match testing. Identifying cold agglutinins, cryoglobulins and cryofibrinogens belong just as much to our routine program as HLA tests in connection with disease association, transplantations or before beginning special therapies. Besides providing blood products from our blood depot, we are available for you in case there are any questions or issues which may arise in line with haemotherapy.

The tests are conducted based on leading edge technology and science. We place great importance on IT-supported and fully automated mechanised processing. This allows us to guaranty you the greatest amount of safety and standardisation in analysis and to satisfy our responsibility in the highly sensitive area of blood group serology.

It is furthermore important to us to interpret individual unusual or complicated diagnostic constellations for you and to discuss further therapeutic steps together with you. In this regard, we attach high priority to the consultation and supervision of pregnant women with Mhn-relevant antibodies or Rhesus prophylaxes, to patients with auto antibodies or the interpretation of HLA alleles.

Please contact us for support regarding any questions you may have regarding transfusion medicine and immunohematology.