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Our work is based on the well-being of our patients.

Laboratory medicine is an interdisciplinary area of human medicine. It makes a decisive contribution to the treating physician's diagnosis along with the anamnesis, clinical examination and imaging processes.

Our team is comprised of medical specialists in laboratory medicine, microbiology and transfusion medicine along with natural scientists and approx. 300 staff members. We consider ourselves as the link between the patient and his treating physician in the medical practice, the hospital or other public institutes.

As an accredited laboratory according to DIN EN 15189 and DIN EN 17025 (forensic), we offer quality at a high and controlled standard. We prove our competence by contributing to scientific studies as well as testing new medications and treatment methods. We also see a further important role in the training and continuing education of physicians and laboratory assistants.

As a future-oriented laboratory, we not only keep up with technology, but also consistently try to improve on our performance.

Laboratory medicine and diagnostics for Berlin and Brandenburg

Naturally evolved structures

Our laboratory for human medicine and diagnostics was founded in the year 1994 and evolved from the union of four laboratory medical practices along with their laboratory cooperations. Today, our range of analytical services comprises over 3,000 different parameters in the complete laboratory medicine spectrum. Physicians, natural scientists and more than 300 medical laboratory assistants as well as further staff are currently on the IMD Berlin-Potsdam Team. IMD has established an excellent reputation especially in the areas of allergy diagnostics, drug efficacy and drug analysis.

Quality assurance

High-quality laboratory findings are always the expression of first-rate cooperation between the medical practice, the patient and the laboratory. Obtaining and transporting the test material, the analysis, the laboratory medical interpretation as well as transferring the report to the physician's practice constitute a complex process. In order to make the process more transparent, to eliminate potential sources of errors and to prepare laboratory findings correctly and reliably, we have introduced a quality management system at our laboratory. IMD Berlin-Potsdam was the first accredited medical laboratory in Berlin in 1996. Since then, it has consistently operated according to European quality guidelines.


In the past years, we have developed further areas of discipline (immunology, human genetics, pharmacology and toxicology, ) in our laboratory whereby we participate in the diagnostic development based on our own competence and close cooperation with university institutes (Charité, Mainz University).