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ALEX® 2.0 IgE-Allergen Screening of 295 Allergens

ALEX® IgE allergen profile

The detection of allergen-specific IgE antibodies in serum plays a crucial role for the diagnosis of type 1 allergies.

For patients with multiple allergen sensitisations or for patients with ambiguous clinical symptoms the conventional determination of individual allergens is often an exspansive and lenghty procedure.

In cases like these, a comprehensive allergen screening provides a clear picture of the patient‘s sensitisation profile and thus serves as a powerful tool for the correct diagnosis and prevention of allergen exposure.

The ALEX® Allergy Explorer allows the simultaneous measurement for the total IgE and specific IgE against 282 allergens, among those 157 extracts and 125 allergen components. The test thus covers 99 % of all possible type 1 allergen sources and requires a mere 1 ml of blood.

The method

ALEX® Allergy Explorer is a quantitative solid phase immunoassay. Specific IgE antibodies from the patient’s serum bind to the allergens (extracts and/or components) on the macroarray. Adding a CCD-inhibitor reduces unspecific reactions and thus increases the test’s specificity. Colorimetric analysis is used to detect bound IgE antibodies. Test results for allergen-specific IgE are reported quantitatively in kUA/l (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Colorimetric spots on the biochip indicate the reaction of allergen and IgE antibodies. The signals’ intensity is proportional to the amount of specific IgE antibodies bound to the allergen.

ALEX® IgE allergen profile’s advantages compared to specific IgE diagnostics and prick test:

  1. Preparation of a complete sensitisation profiles for patients with suspected manifold allergies or in cases with ambiguous anamnesis.
  2. Differentiation between real sensitisation and crossreactivity in order to better assess the danger of anaphy lactic reactions for suitable therapy planning.
  3. In patients with multiple-allergies comprehensive analysis regarding the individual sensitisation pattern, allowing detailed nutrition counselling.
  4. In order to dismiss allergy as the cause of patients‘ sypmtoms.  


1 ml serum (whole blood)

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Fig. 2  We deliver the test results along with a detailed commented report including information on specificity and cross-reactivity of positive allergen components 

ALEX® allergen list (extracts and components)

Here  you can find the ALEX® allergen list: pdf-document